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Friday, June 19, 2015

Brother MFC-J625DW paper unclear

LCD Brother MFC-J625DW
Brother MFC-J625DW

How to repair Brother MFC-J625DW printer when the paper comes out Blank or is unclear  


Inkjet printers, if not used for a long time, will possibly stop working.  The print head becomes dry. It should be noted that these printers should be used at least once a week. When the White Paper comes out or illegible lines are printed, the print head is giving trouble.  First ensure all the inks,(four colors) are filled.  To repair this problem we must clean the print head nozzles.

Brother Printers have menus.  Use the up and down keys from the menu. In this model, press the Menu button and select the 'cleaning head', then 'select all'. The printer will start cleaning the print head and we have to wait until the print head stops moving.

When the printer head stops cleaning, add print paper to the paper tray and select 'Print quality testing'.   Then wait to see the results of the test print. If the test is completed, this means that the print head nozzles are open. Otherwise, repeat this step to clean the head.

It should be noted that this step does not consume a lot of ink, and does not need to be followed more than three times. It is better to turn off the printer and wait twelve hours, then try again and this time if the print head nozzles are still not open, then you must change the print head.


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