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Thursday, June 11, 2015

NEC NP60 Video Projector Auto Off

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance
NEC NP60 Video Projector

Any brand of Video Projector (Data Show Projector/ LCD Projector) has a common problem with the Auto Off when it has been used more than one thousand hours. Users complain that the Video Projector goes on but after a few seconds will be turn off.

All Video Projectors have Power, Status, and Lamp Lights. LED lights are in different colours, Red and Green.  The lights blink and times they blink have different messages for users.
When the NEC Projector status light blinks five times on red, this means 'Over Heat Temperature' on the video projector or that one of five fans has a problem.

Notice: If you use your video projector as a portable device, please turn off the power button in the control panel or remote control and let it cool down before you move it or repair it.
For troubleshooting, the Video Projector put it face down then unscrew all the screws in the bottom and the bulb's door too. On the bottom of the video projector, look at the four sides for any screws and unscrew them. Now you can take off the top cover of the Video projector (all brands are the same).

You have to close the bulb's door.  It will be at the bottom of the video projector or in some models, find a sensor door in the top.  Push on the sensor and at the same time, plug-in the power cable to the video projector and press the power button to turn on the video projector. Look at the fans to see which fan has not yet started.  If the fan is not working, stop before the video projector turns off automatically. To avoid further faults, please carefully disconnect all connectors, especially the flat cable, to check which side of the cable is up. 

Unscrew all the screws to access the spoiled fan and replace it.  If you don't have a new fan, use the oil spray (60) to clean the spoiled fan so that it runs better and use it again (but it's not guaranteed to work as well as a new fan).

I hope this post was helpful and that I helped solve your problem with the Video Projector.  Please share this with your friends on social media.

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