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Monday, June 15, 2015

Samsung Syncmaster 2043swx NoPower

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance

Samsung Syncmaster 2043swx

Samsung Syncmaster 2043swx NoPower

Hello to all of you, One of the common faults of LCD monitors is that they stop working. There are many causes of this problem of NoPower in the LCD Monitor.

Possible causes:
1- Fault in primary section on Powerboard 
2- Secondary section on Powerboard can't provide +5V.
3- The Mainboard is faulty.

Make sure the power cord connects directly from the socket. Check that the power cord is not the problem.
Fault detection is more important than troubleshooting because you cannot repair electronic boards if you don't know what the real cause is. 

How long will it take to repair an electronic board?   That depends on how long you need to detect the fault. Find the problem time  +  troubleshooting Time (a few minutes)  =  repair time 

Total Repairing Time depends on your experience of fault detection. 

Watching is the best learning method for any kind of skills. Practical/practice is important after watching the video.  That's why I asked you to watch the video from beginning to end.   

You need to open the monitor's cover, unscrew some screw from the chassis to access the Power Board.  To know how to do this, you need to Disassemble Monitor.

Now you have one power board in your hand.  The power board has three sections:
1- Primary section 
2- Secondary section 
3- Inverter section 

You can see in the video that a filter capacitor bulged. Usually, you find Filter Capacitor by 68uF, 86uF, 100uF or 120uF in different designs of  Power Boards.  We replace the spoilt capacitor with 100uF 400V capacitor.

Please be careful after replacing the components and to know how to reassemble the monitor follow A few tips.

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