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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Samsung Syncmaster 943nx LCD blinks

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance

Samsung Syncmaster 943nx

Samsung Syncmaster 943nx LCD blinks 

We are going to solve the problem for any brand of  LCD Monitor when the LCD Screen blinks.

If you are interested in learning something more about "Electronics Repair" I Suggest you watch the video from beginning to end carefully on how to open the cover's of the "LCD Screen" without breaking it. To avoid a fault when Opening LCD Monitor cover.

You just saw how to change the bulged capacitors in the video. Sometimes we can't see any bulged capacitors. Now I am going to teach Electronic "fault detection".

Electronic Fault Detection 

I suppose you know about the Ohmmeter.

The fuse must be tested with the ohmmeter. If the fuse has an open circuit, this means the primary section of the Powerboard has a short circuit.   If the ohmmeter shows a short circuit on the fuse, then the Powerboard is working.

In the secondary section the Powerboard has two Diodes.  With the ohmmeter test the diodes one by one.  One of them provides the +5V and the other one +12V.  When the PowerLED  light is on blue this means the +5V diode is working as well.

Now we have to test the capacitors in +12V circuit on the ohmmeter. Take out the capacitors one by one and test each one again.  If the ohmmeter shows a short circuit on one of them, that means the capacitor needs to be replaced. 

If the capacitors and diode do not have a short circuit, then one of the two MOSFETs has a short circuit. Then we need to replace the MOSFET.  You will usually find the LCD Monitor's MOSFET is difficult to find. I have a solution when we don't have an MOSFET.

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