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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hp Compaq NX7300 Laptop Backlight

Hp Compaq NX7300 Laptop

How to repair Hp Compaq NX7300 Laptop NoBacklight

what does mean no backlight? it means the laptop got pictures, but we can't see the picture on the LCD screen. because the LCD screen hasn't backlight

No backlight for two cause:

1- Inverter failure
2- Lamp failure 

Inverter failure 

Any Laptop has One inverter to makes turn on the LCD's lamp. The inverter works with +12V DC voltage, makes the high voltage AC to turn on the lamp. 

If the inverter input is lower than +12V or doesn't provide power supply, LCD gets the no backlight failure, and if the inverter input gets the 12V but doesn't make high voltage AC in output the LCD get the same fault as no backlight.

In this case, the inverter is spoiled and needs to replacement with a new inverter as the same part number. watch the video.

Lamp failure 

when we will be sure the inverter works as well, the input voltage is correct too. the only reason to no backlight problem is lamp failure. New model the Laptop LCD screen just has one lamp to makes light for LCD screen

The LCD screen is expensive part in a Laptop, TV, Monitor. 
Then we have to find the lamp in the market and replace it with failure lamp. 

For replacement LCD's lamp needs a clean and soft area because we have to open the LCD screen for changing a lamp. Remember it's an easy job but should be careful to do it. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hp Compaq Presario CQ62 Repair


How to repair Hp Compaq Presario CQ62 Laptop

One of the common problems of some laptops repair, the power light is on and when you press it we can see that the fan will start, but the hard drive lights or other lights flashing. 

After a while, he would stop working fan. If we re-launched laptops will not change the result. The repair, the first step to cleaning RAM, and the RAM slots. If the problem is resolved, repair work is finished.

If the problem persists, you should know what this stage is more difficult and should be carefully framed to open the Hp Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop up and down according to what you see in the video, to access the main board Hp Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop.

The problem emerged as a result of overheating the environment and the laptop, which makes the connections IC graphic and isolated. For repair, we need to re-heat the IC graphic to re-connect to the initial state return.

To do that you need to have the device re-heat. Remember, heated to 300 degrees Celsius for three minutes and two centimeters should be maintained between IC graphic with heating.

After heating, cooling is required to thirty minutes. To avoid errors and achieve a satisfactory result, carefully follow the video.

Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dell Laptop doesn't work speakers

Dell laptop top view

Audio socket position

Dell Laptop bottom view

Dell Audio socket input

Dell Laptop doesn't work speakers

In this talk, we consider the problem of noise in the speaker output. I saw many Repairmen, when faced with the problem of laptop repair deterred and returned to the customer. I decided to upgrade information for laptop users, the issue cleave.

Lack of voice in the speaker output are as follows:

1. The operating system does not recognize the sound card.

2. The operating system recognizes the sound card but does not sound speakers, not the headset.

3. The operating system has recognized the sound card, headset play sound, but laptop speakers, does not sound.

In two first cases, we have to have suitable sound card driver for the install and make sure the speakers cables properly attached.

About the number one most likely need to be replaced or re-heating the IC graphics or sound.
About the second is with ensuring said at the driver installation is the fault.

The main discussion topic is About the number three that, you should first test the speaker cable and speaker that if we have to ensure their health. According to the above figures, we must change the audio socket.

The socket has a spring to mute the speaker's voice when we enter the headset jack. Spring pressure to close and cut off the speaker. When we remove the headset jack, spring returns to normal operation. The speaker is connected.

When, for whatever reason does not perform his duty spring, the always socket in your headset will continue to work.
So by switching socket sound speakers can be used again.
This fault is common at all means of electronic sound playback.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Backlight

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance

LCD Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw

Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Backlight

 Plug in the power cord of the LCD Monitor for the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw so that the LED light is blue, but the LCD Monitor doesn't have the backlight to show pictures on the screen.When the power LED is blue that means that the signal is received on the LCD Monitor from the Computer. If it doesn't connect to the Computer the "NO Signal" message will show.  The problem is caused by 
having No Backlight, but everyone calls it 'No Display'.  We are going to fix the "No Display/No Backlight" problem on the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw LCD Monitor.
If you want to be a Technician or just need to repair your own monitor, please watch the movie carefully until the end and don't give up. 
The first step of troubleshooting is to have a torch(flashlight) or your handphone flashlight.  Plug in the power cord of the LCD monitor and turn it on. Now shine the flashlight onto the LCD Screen.  You will see the "No Signal" Message on the LCD Screen. This means that the problem is "No Backlight". We can repeat the test by connecting the RGB cable to the VGA monitor's connector. You will be able to see the Windows background on the screen when you shine the flashlight on it.

Step 1: Disassemble the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Monitor

In this model, there is no need to remove the stand from the monitor, because the stand is attached to the back cover and is not a barrier to separate the front and back covers. To prevent scratching on the front cover and the screen, use a towel on the table. Place the desktop's monitor face down so that the screen is on the table. (As you can see in the Video, I have a wide strip of plastic on the desk).  Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the back cover. Now turn the monitor over and take off the front cover. Turn the monitor over again.

Step 2: Disconnect the PowerBoard and Repair It

We have 7 cables to disconnect:
1 LCD Cable 
1 Keyboard Cable
4 Lamp Cables (in this model there are 4 pieces) 
1 Power cable (between Powerboard & Mainboard) 
The Powerboard has two sections - voltage +19V and +5v section and Inverter section with high voltage for Lamps.
When you look at the Board you will see that the Inverter Transformer is burnt so it is brown.  This means that the Inverter transformer needs to be exchanged.  After exchanging the Inverter Trans, we are going to test the monitor before re-assembling it.  Now we should have a Backlight on the LCD Screen.

Notice: If you don't have the inverter transformer I have a suggestion how to repair it in another post.  

Step 3: Reassemble the Monitor for Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw

We have to carefully connect all the connectors, because if any connector does not connect we could have a new fault in the LCD monitor.  Watch the video to the end for assembling the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw LCD monitor.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Brother MFC-J625DW paper unclear

LCD Brother MFC-J625DW
Brother MFC-J625DW

How to repair Brother MFC-J625DW printer when the paper comes out Blank or is unclear  


Inkjet printers, if not used for a long time, will possibly stop working.  The print head becomes dry. It should be noted that these printers should be used at least once a week. When the White Paper comes out or illegible lines are printed, the print head is giving trouble.  First ensure all the inks,(four colors) are filled.  To repair this problem we must clean the print head nozzles.

Brother Printers have menus.  Use the up and down keys from the menu. In this model, press the Menu button and select the 'cleaning head', then 'select all'. The printer will start cleaning the print head and we have to wait until the print head stops moving.

When the printer head stops cleaning, add print paper to the paper tray and select 'Print quality testing'.   Then wait to see the results of the test print. If the test is completed, this means that the print head nozzles are open. Otherwise, repeat this step to clean the head.

It should be noted that this step does not consume a lot of ink, and does not need to be followed more than three times. It is better to turn off the printer and wait twelve hours, then try again and this time if the print head nozzles are still not open, then you must change the print head.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HP 1502 LCD Monitor Backlight

It is recommended that you Watch Video on maintenance training.

LCD Monitor HP 1502

LCD Monitor HP 1502 NoBacklight

I have LCD Monitor Hp 1502 that doesn't have a Backlight. The LCD monitor has the image, but no light to illuminate the screen. As you will see in the Video, first open the back cover screws.  Remove the back panel of the monitor to access the Power Board. The capacitors when spoilt in the monitor, will bulge or appear swollen. Replace the bulging capacitors with the same capacity or more.

I suggest that a higher voltage capacitors be used to avoid the risk of the same problem repeating. For example, if the capacitor is 220uf 16V then replace with a capacity of 220uf or 330uf and if it is 16V then replace it with 25V.  After switching the capacitors, it is also important to do the ohm test on the MOSFET (C5707) inverter transformer driver.  One or both of the MOSFET inverters could have a short circuit.

To avoid a repeat of this problem, change the MOSFETS and Inverter's transformers at the same time.

After replacing the parts, follow the Video on how to close the monitor. 

A few tips:

1. The lamps can be connected in any sequence.

2. After replacing the parts and cutting the extra base on the components, please take a soft brush and carefully wash them with alcohol.

3. Always align the frames and complete the test before closing the monitor.

4. Carefully tighten all screws.

5. Please use gloves during repairs, to prevent static electricity.

6. If you do have not watched the video until the end, do not attempt this repair.

7. If you found this blog useful, please share it with your friends.

8. I am always willing to answer questions, even those that are not 
    currently found in this blog.

Monday, June 15, 2015

HP 7830 Printer detect cartridges

It is recommended that you watch the video on maintenance 

HP Photosmart 7830

HP 7830 Printer detect cartridges 

HP Photosmart 7830 Printer or Inkjet Printers usually have some errors when installed cartridges can't be detected.  This means that we have a problem between the cartridges and the printhead. 

Open the printer cover and wait for the printhead to be in the middle then open the cartridges doors and reinstall the cartridges properly. If the problem still persists then we have to clean the printhead. 

Clean the cartridges connector and printhead connectors with a cotton ear bud and alcohol as seen in the video.  Wait ten minutes for it to dry.  If you turn on the printer and install the cartridge before it is dry then you will damage the printhead. 

After 10 minutes of drying time, install the cartridge and turn on the printer.   If the problem is clear, well done. If you still have the same error then we have to replace the cartridges with a new and original cartridge.

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