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Monday, June 15, 2015

HP 7830 Printer detect cartridges

It is recommended that you watch the video on maintenance 

HP Photosmart 7830

HP 7830 Printer detect cartridges 

HP Photosmart 7830 Printer or Inkjet Printers usually have some errors when installed cartridges can't be detected.  This means that we have a problem between the cartridges and the printhead. 

Open the printer cover and wait for the printhead to be in the middle then open the cartridges doors and reinstall the cartridges properly. If the problem still persists then we have to clean the printhead. 

Clean the cartridges connector and printhead connectors with a cotton ear bud and alcohol as seen in the video.  Wait ten minutes for it to dry.  If you turn on the printer and install the cartridge before it is dry then you will damage the printhead. 

After 10 minutes of drying time, install the cartridge and turn on the printer.   If the problem is clear, well done. If you still have the same error then we have to replace the cartridges with a new and original cartridge.

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