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Monday, June 15, 2015

Samsung Syncmaster 743nx LCD Monitor Blinks

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance

Samsung Syncmaster 743nx

Samsung Syncmaster 743nx LCD Monitor Blinks

Welcome to solving the LCD Monitor Syncmaster 743nx problem. I am grateful that you selected my blog and especially this Post.  I welcome your comments and "Questions".

When the PowerLED is blinking in the monitor this means that you have a problem with the Inverter section that uses +12V/+19V to make a High Voltage (voltage depends on the design up to about 180V AC). 

You need to use a  Higher Voltage AC in the inverter section.

An Inverter makes an AC Voltage turn on Lamps. We know that any LCDScreen has an Inverter for the Lamps (Backlight ).

When the PowerLED is blinking blue that means +12V/+19V is not the correct voltage needed to start the Inverter. Some capacitors are spoiled or the MOSFET has a Short Circuit. When you watch the video, you will be able to see the bulged capacitors. 

Someone asked me "Do we have to exchange Capacitors with the same numbers (1000uF,16V)"? My answer is "Absolutely Not". I prefer to exchange the bulged capacitor with a higher capacity  "Voltage" (1000uF,25V).

"How about when the LCD Screen is blinking?" This means  that the Inverter OutPut or a Lamp is faulty. In the video, the engineer exchanged the Inverter Transformer because he saw that the PCB board around the Transformer was burned. 

If you are interested in learning more about electrical repairing or to improve your knowledge, please follow the link and watch the full video and read to end where you will find  " A few tips."


  1. The other day my girlfriend tried to throw a lighter over to me on the other side of the room, he missed, hit the tv instead and the metal part of the lighter put two small cracks on the screen. It worked fine for the first week or so after that (except from the pink colour surrounding the cracks and tiny black line across the screen whenever it was turned on) Then today the tiny black line turned into a huge block of blackness covering the screen - then two seconds later the whole screen went black, showing no picture at all as though it was turned off. We switched it off and on again but this time the sound had dissappeared also. So now the tv is completely unusable and it was quite expensive so we need it fixed. Is it possible to repair something like this? And roughly how much would it cost? (UK)
    Led curtain

    1. Hi
      I am sorry hear that, unfortunately the screen got spoiled and need to replacement.


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