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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Backlight

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance

LCD Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw

Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Backlight

 Plug in the power cord of the LCD Monitor for the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw so that the LED light is blue, but the LCD Monitor doesn't have the backlight to show pictures on the screen.When the power LED is blue that means that the signal is received on the LCD Monitor from the Computer. If it doesn't connect to the Computer the "NO Signal" message will show.  The problem is caused by 
having No Backlight, but everyone calls it 'No Display'.  We are going to fix the "No Display/No Backlight" problem on the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw LCD Monitor.
If you want to be a Technician or just need to repair your own monitor, please watch the movie carefully until the end and don't give up. 
The first step of troubleshooting is to have a torch(flashlight) or your handphone flashlight.  Plug in the power cord of the LCD monitor and turn it on. Now shine the flashlight onto the LCD Screen.  You will see the "No Signal" Message on the LCD Screen. This means that the problem is "No Backlight". We can repeat the test by connecting the RGB cable to the VGA monitor's connector. You will be able to see the Windows background on the screen when you shine the flashlight on it.

Step 1: Disassemble the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw Monitor

In this model, there is no need to remove the stand from the monitor, because the stand is attached to the back cover and is not a barrier to separate the front and back covers. To prevent scratching on the front cover and the screen, use a towel on the table. Place the desktop's monitor face down so that the screen is on the table. (As you can see in the Video, I have a wide strip of plastic on the desk).  Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the back cover. Now turn the monitor over and take off the front cover. Turn the monitor over again.

Step 2: Disconnect the PowerBoard and Repair It

We have 7 cables to disconnect:
1 LCD Cable 
1 Keyboard Cable
4 Lamp Cables (in this model there are 4 pieces) 
1 Power cable (between Powerboard & Mainboard) 
The Powerboard has two sections - voltage +19V and +5v section and Inverter section with high voltage for Lamps.
When you look at the Board you will see that the Inverter Transformer is burnt so it is brown.  This means that the Inverter transformer needs to be exchanged.  After exchanging the Inverter Trans, we are going to test the monitor before re-assembling it.  Now we should have a Backlight on the LCD Screen.

Notice: If you don't have the inverter transformer I have a suggestion how to repair it in another post.  

Step 3: Reassemble the Monitor for Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw

We have to carefully connect all the connectors, because if any connector does not connect we could have a new fault in the LCD monitor.  Watch the video to the end for assembling the Samsung Syncmaster 2033sw LCD monitor.

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