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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dell E177Fpb LCD Monitor BackLight

It is recommended that you watch video on maintenance

Dell E177Fpb LCD Monitor

Troubleshooting Dell E177Fpb LCD Screen Monitor when the Monitor power LED is on at blue but we unable to see the data on the screen. If we use the flashlight on the screen we able to see data on the screen. 

we must know what is the problem and we need know how works the monitor. We are going to talk about how work the monitor on LCD Screen.

The LCD Screen Including the two Lamps on top and bottom that the lamps make the light on LCD Screen we able to see the DATA on the LCD Screen, what happening if the lamps don't be on?

That's easy to answer.  If you have an LCD Screen without a backlight that means we have DATA on LCD Screen, but we are unable to see the DATA because the LCD Screen is dark. We need to know what happens on the LCD Screen when it is dark.

Possible causes:
1- One or two lamps are spoiled
2- Inverter unable to make voltage that needs to turn on the lamps.
3- Power board doesn't provide +12V to start the Inverter.

These three causes of backlight problems can be further explained: For example in number 1: 
A) The Lamp has been burnt. 
B) The Lamp's connector doesn't connect probably.  
C) The Lamp's cable is broken. 

We have to check these possible causes one by one to find the reason for the fault. 

In this video, you see the bulged capacitors.  You can find them easily by looking at the board.  After replacement  of the Capacitor, we are done with the troubleshooting.  With this knowledge, we able to repair all monitors that don't have a backlight. I further explain more about the other two reasons in 

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