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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Canon Fax L140 Print Dirty

Canon Fax L140

How to Repair Canon fax laserjet 140 when the print is dirty?

I have a fax machine prints when the page is tarnished and dirty. If with the flashlight, to look inside the fusing easily can find the film fusing is torn.

Troubleshooting The device is finished although it is simple, but the result of years of experience. If you see the video carefully, the open frame on the right and left rear frame to do the video.
By accessing the Fuser and fusing film's opening, we can replace them.

I met repeatedly with printers that have already been replaced fuser film, but again the same problem emerged. Delivered again by the use of counterfeit parts and don't using grease fireproof occurs.

After assembling the device and set it up, found out at the time of printing, the printer will smoke. Do not worry about the smoke out, then will be cut. Recommended steps are shown in the video and video this link to be taken.

Good luck and meet again.

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