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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hp Compaq NX7300 Laptop Backlight

Hp Compaq NX7300 Laptop

How to repair Hp Compaq NX7300 Laptop NoBacklight

what does mean no backlight? it means the laptop got pictures, but we can't see the picture on the LCD screen. because the LCD screen hasn't backlight

No backlight for two cause:

1- Inverter failure
2- Lamp failure 

Inverter failure 

Any Laptop has One inverter to makes turn on the LCD's lamp. The inverter works with +12V DC voltage, makes the high voltage AC to turn on the lamp. 

If the inverter input is lower than +12V or doesn't provide power supply, LCD gets the no backlight failure, and if the inverter input gets the 12V but doesn't make high voltage AC in output the LCD get the same fault as no backlight.

In this case, the inverter is spoiled and needs to replacement with a new inverter as the same part number. watch the video.

Lamp failure 

when we will be sure the inverter works as well, the input voltage is correct too. the only reason to no backlight problem is lamp failure. New model the Laptop LCD screen just has one lamp to makes light for LCD screen

The LCD screen is expensive part in a Laptop, TV, Monitor. 
Then we have to find the lamp in the market and replace it with failure lamp. 

For replacement LCD's lamp needs a clean and soft area because we have to open the LCD screen for changing a lamp. Remember it's an easy job but should be careful to do it. 

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