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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to fix Printer laserjet Hp M1132 USB can not detect on PC ?

First open right side cover and check the main board for short circuit. If we find any short circuit, we need the BGA Machine for change the IC controller. But if Powerboard doesn't have short circuit better check fuse and component on USB channel that which one is open  also OHM test USB port on a Mainboard four pin are connect. If open line on USB port same this printer we going to exchange USB port .

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Fix samsung monitor when screen and power led both blinking ?

After the watch full this video, you be able to repair all monitor that any model and any brand, I use capacitor 1000uF 25V. I have to say if any capacitor is spoil is better we exchange with 25V because the voltage for a capacitor is equal 2X energy that section of a circuit. If you don't have the inverter transformer. Better you test after an install new capacitor. If problem solve, monitor is ready if monitor still has the problem , please keep in touch and subscribe my channel for next video. I wish the best for all of you.
 you looking for a special solution  and can not find it, please publish comment on here your question I publish solving the problem on next post, better you also follow the blog.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to repair projector that have color problem ?

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism 1

LCD Prism 2

LCD Prism Green

LCD Prism Blue

whole set LCD Prism 

Lens Top

Lens Bottom 

Lens side 

Green Polarizer 

Red Polarizer 

Blue Polarizer

Power Board 

Main Board 

Main Board 

Projector inside 

Lens & LCD Prism 

How to repair a projector that have the color problem (one of the three primary colors: red, green, blue will not display)?
First, the projector's frame by a screw at the bottom of the frame and the frame is closed, we open up the projector separated. Now you can see the three cables attached to the LCD PRISM  Connected to Mainboard. Cable middle of the green, blue is cable on the right and left cables are red. 
Compared to what you see in the image projector image of one of the three primary colors are saturated. To test the projector Power button off. Disconnect the power cable from it. One of the Cables to fit color LCD PRISM viewed cautiously remove the Mainboard. Re-connect the power cord to the projector and turn it on. You'll see that the picture has not changed. Now off to redo the process And remove the power cord from the projector. Disconnect all cables connected to the Mainboard from the main board and remove the screws. Carefully remove Mainboard from the projector. Then twist LCD PRISM open. If you like the pics below the projector lens attached and then remove it completely figure out. PRISM LCD part number printed on the cable. LCD PRISM from the same collection and buy it off and replace. And pack the projector and use it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to repair double image on hp color laserjet 2600n

Self-test page after repair 
Supplier service page after repair  
Demo page after repair 
Diagnostic Page color mismatch 
double image on color print 
print color mismatch 
double image on a print 
Cyan Cartridge not match 
Magenta Cartridge not match  
hp color laserjet 2600n 
hp color laserjet 2600n menu 
hp color laserjet 2600n

we need to reset printer by restore default on menu->service->Restore Defaults. After that we doing calibrate cartridge  :  menu-> System Setup -> Print Quality-> Calibrate Colour ->  Calibrate Now .  And cleaning by Menu ->Service -> Cleaning Mode .Then Printer will be Okay.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to fix error P07 (5B00) on canon pixma mp258

Canon Pixma MP258

Service tool (Resetter) for Canon MP258

Connect printer to a computer and wait for installation driver then search for ServiceTool_v1074 download. If you can not find it just let me know, i send it to you. After download service Tool (Resetter) follow the instruction:
1- printer switch to off.
2- press the STOP/RESET and hold, then press the POWER and hold.
3- when holding POWER button, release STOP/RESET then press it two times.
4- release two buttons.
5- wait for a while until printer showing 0.
6- open the Service Tool and put two papers on tray.
7- click on the Main in clear ink counter.
8- click on the EEPROM Clear in operation.
9- click on EEPROM in print.
10- turn off the printer by POWER button.
11- printer is ready use.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to repair hp color laserjet CP2025 when print has mismatch color problem

Fake Cartridges
Hp Color Laserjet CP2025
Hp Color Laserjet CP2025
Diagnostic Page 2 after Service 

Demo Page After Service
Diagnostic Page 2 Before Service 

Demo Page Before Service 
Original Hp Cartridges

Diagnostic Page 1 Before Service 
Diagnostic Page 1 after Service 

If inside the printer have one or more fake toner cartridge we have to exchange it with new original hp toner cartridges.  After that, we need to reset printer to restore the default on menu->service->Restore Defaults. After that we doing calibrate cartridge menu->System Setup -> Print Quality-> Calibrate  Color  -> Calibrate Now .  And cleaning by Menu ->Service -> Cleaning Mode. Then Printer will be Okay.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to repair Monitor Lcd Samsung SyncMaster 2243 when power LED is blinking and no display

No Display & Power LED Blinking 
Monitor after opening back cover
Key Cable
Inverter Cables 
Right side is Power Board, and Left is Mainboard with LCD cable 
Two Spoiled Capacitors on +5v  Circuit 
Power Board with Spoiled Capacitors 
inverter trans and two spoiled capacitors 
5v spoiled capacitor
Take out the component
Take out the component 
capacitors +5 v
inverter place 
new Inverter 

spoiled capacitors
ruined inverter 
1000uF 25v
new inverter bottom 
installation new component 

inverter new  component

5v new capacitors

boards chassis 
Monitor is Ready to use

This different problem power LED blinking and no display. We tray to open screen frame first take out the stand then open the back cover. Second is open all wire (LCD cable, Inverter cables and keyboard cable. Third take out the power board. Now you can see the four capacitors spoiled and around the inverter trans changed color. That means we have the problem of inverter trans need to exchange and two capacitors near to transformer are spoiled because trans gone (this is a solution for no display problem here). And two capacitors near to output cable are spoiled this means 5 V has problem then power led is blinking, we need to exchange capacitor. Better we change all capacitors by 1000uF 25V. Now we will close the back cover and stand. Monitor is okay.

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