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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HP 1502 LCD Monitor Backlight

It is recommended that you Watch Video on maintenance training.

LCD Monitor HP 1502

LCD Monitor HP 1502 NoBacklight

I have LCD Monitor Hp 1502 that doesn't have a Backlight. The LCD monitor has the image, but no light to illuminate the screen. As you will see in the Video, first open the back cover screws.  Remove the back panel of the monitor to access the Power Board. The capacitors when spoilt in the monitor, will bulge or appear swollen. Replace the bulging capacitors with the same capacity or more.

I suggest that a higher voltage capacitors be used to avoid the risk of the same problem repeating. For example, if the capacitor is 220uf 16V then replace with a capacity of 220uf or 330uf and if it is 16V then replace it with 25V.  After switching the capacitors, it is also important to do the ohm test on the MOSFET (C5707) inverter transformer driver.  One or both of the MOSFET inverters could have a short circuit.

To avoid a repeat of this problem, change the MOSFETS and Inverter's transformers at the same time.

After replacing the parts, follow the Video on how to close the monitor. 

A few tips:

1. The lamps can be connected in any sequence.

2. After replacing the parts and cutting the extra base on the components, please take a soft brush and carefully wash them with alcohol.

3. Always align the frames and complete the test before closing the monitor.

4. Carefully tighten all screws.

5. Please use gloves during repairs, to prevent static electricity.

6. If you do have not watched the video until the end, do not attempt this repair.

7. If you found this blog useful, please share it with your friends.

8. I am always willing to answer questions, even those that are not 
    currently found in this blog.

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