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Friday, February 13, 2015

How to fix no display on monitor samsung 740N ?

Monitor Samsung 740N

Power Board

Inverter Section 

Mosfet Driver Inverter
Connection output Lamp

The Monitor problem is the absence of light. In fact, one of the two drivers inverter transformer is short. The need to replace it, but I do not have MOSFET; I removed it from the circuit, and short circuit problem resolved. And to compensate for the output transformer with cables coated copper interconnect the form you would like to fix the problem. Monitor has assembled and ready again.


  1. how is possible you have no comments in your post at this moment???
    i can bet that more than one has used this posts for their own uses.
    You're a capo maestro...

  2. Dear sir, how exactly to do this? Please.


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