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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to fix Monitor LG FLATRON w2261vp That No Power ?

4 Capacitor spoil 

Power board after takeout Capacitors

Power Board w2261 after replaced spoils Capacitors

Monitor LG Flatron after repair

Monitor LG FLATRON W2261

I have a Monitor LG models w2261vp, which will not start. After the open  screen frame and disconnect the power board from the chassis, I observed that the number of capacitors broken and I changed them capacitor 1000uF 25V. And now the monitor is ready.


  1. Hello,

    I have 3 of these monitors, replaced all the caps already twice. First time chinese ones, second times japanese ones. After a week or max 8 weeks, the new capacitors blew up again. I also have very small vertical lines on it. Any idea?

    1. Hello
      Please tell me what capacity of capacitor you exchanged and what was the original capacitor?

  2. Hello,

    It's a time ago. Currently working on my electrical installation from my house :).
    The third screen where Yaego capacitors, same value, but when they where 16v I placed 25v 105°. and 1000µf 25v where replaced by the same values, also 105°

    The second time I replaced the 1000µf's 25v with 820µf 35v, I tested it for 2 hours and they where hot. I still have to reopen number 3 again with the the yaego 1000µf 25v caps.
    The vertical lines also didn't dissapear. I guess there must be an overvoltage or a problem with the rectifier. Had no time to look further.

    1. Hello Wim
      If capacitors just being hot and the monitor has the screen, that's not the fault. But if the monitor's screen blinks or black and capacitors have bulged, I guess their place is +12V circuit you have to replacement the inverter transformer.
      Please let me know did you got which problem and tell me what was the first problem?


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