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Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to fix no power on Power Supply Dell H275P-01 ?

Power Supply Dell H275P-01

Power Supply Dell H275P-01

Top view Power Supply Big Capacitor Bulging 

Place of Bulged Capacitor

New capacitor Replacement

Shorting fuse by wire

two burned RV's

560uF 220V Capacitor Bulged

Filter capacitor voltage raised, and two RV's burned. RV removed from the circuit, and the capacitor replaced. If you do not have to replace RV. Apart from the circuit we just burned RV. In addition to changing the capacitance of the capacitor 470uF, 220V  can also use. The power supply is ready.


  1. Hello! I have the problem with dell but with this model I have something with cooling system? Can you tell me how can I test it? i will be very thankful!

    1. Hi, Thanks for comment.
      Actually I don't understand the problem. but if the device got power, turn on the power, the device has two fans in rear. If the fans works just open the cover and cleaning the fans, if fan doesn't work needs to exchange.
      I hope it's useful.
      Good luck


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