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Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Fix samsung monitor when screen and power led both blinking ?

After the watch full this video, you be able to repair all monitor that any model and any brand, I use capacitor 1000uF 25V. I have to say if any capacitor is spoil is better we exchange with 25V because the voltage for a capacitor is equal 2X energy that section of a circuit. If you don't have the inverter transformer. Better you test after an install new capacitor. If problem solve, monitor is ready if monitor still has the problem , please keep in touch and subscribe my channel for next video. I wish the best for all of you.
 you looking for a special solution  and can not find it, please publish comment on here your question I publish solving the problem on next post, better you also follow the blog.


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    1. Hi Jim , sounds great , i am glad connect to you . thanks for compliment , please tell me more about advertise . i visited your site thats good .


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