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Friday, February 27, 2015

Acer AL1717 LCD Monitor No Power

Monitor Acer AL1717

Chassis Monitor

After Replacement Capacitors

Power & Main Board
Before Replacement Capacitors

When a monitor does not turn shapes our to repair, to troubleshoot and monitor repairs, we will test the fuse. If the fuse is intact, there is no problem in the early part. The rectifier diodes in the secondary, test that there is no short circuit on the circuit. While we realize the importance testing, the rectifier diode is shorted to +5 volts.

We must be careful when troubleshooting, do not mistake. If the +5 volt capacitor filter circuit, has not bulged. The most important test we will see short-circuit capacitors.

The monitors are designed motherboard and power supply on the board. Three +5 V capacitors have bulged the power board. By replacing them with capacitors, 1000uF 25V problem will be resolve. The Monitor is ready.

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