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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to fix no display on ViewSonic VG1930wm

power board 

chassis monitor

connection inverter trans

lamp connection position

Viewsonic VG1930wm

The problem is that the screen image will be cut off after a few seconds. The inverter or bulb is faulty. There is a short video shows the circuit before of the inverter IC is healthy. To solve this problem we have to replacement the IC inverter or bulb. Since the IC or lamp difficult to find and replace the equipment they require.
I would suggest a simple solution, which uses four hooded copper wire and a soldering iron hand possible.
Each bulb has a two pin connector cable which connected to the output transformer, One of the output transformer and the output lamp attached to a feedback circuit connected to the inverter IC.
Figure Top peer to peer connections connected to the bulbs. (It should be noted that this method is not the same in different monitors.) And the use of lighting.
If the problem is still unresolved after connecting tubes, it is best to change the bulb connector. Maybe the bulb broke.
Good luck and I hope I could help you out.

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