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Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to repair Monitor Lcd Samsung SyncMaster 2243 when power LED is blinking and no display

No Display & Power LED Blinking 
Monitor after opening back cover
Key Cable
Inverter Cables 
Right side is Power Board, and Left is Mainboard with LCD cable 
Two Spoiled Capacitors on +5v  Circuit 
Power Board with Spoiled Capacitors 
inverter trans and two spoiled capacitors 
5v spoiled capacitor
Take out the component
Take out the component 
capacitors +5 v
inverter place 
new Inverter 

spoiled capacitors
ruined inverter 
1000uF 25v
new inverter bottom 
installation new component 

inverter new  component

5v new capacitors

boards chassis 
Monitor is Ready to use

This different problem power LED blinking and no display. We tray to open screen frame first take out the stand then open the back cover. Second is open all wire (LCD cable, Inverter cables and keyboard cable. Third take out the power board. Now you can see the four capacitors spoiled and around the inverter trans changed color. That means we have the problem of inverter trans need to exchange and two capacitors near to transformer are spoiled because trans gone (this is a solution for no display problem here). And two capacitors near to output cable are spoiled this means 5 V has problem then power led is blinking, we need to exchange capacitor. Better we change all capacitors by 1000uF 25V. Now we will close the back cover and stand. Monitor is okay.

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