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Friday, February 27, 2015

HP Officejet 6500A Paper Jam

Hp Officejet 6500A

Pad Paper Feeder

Top view Damage Pad Paper Feeder

Bottom View Pad Paper Feeder 

Place for Pad Paper feeder

How to repair HP Officejet 6500A paper jam 

Troubleshooting paper jams in printers, different causes that are different than the location of paper jams. There are different solutions to fix paper jams. 

At the entrance of the paper, the paper is delivered from the rollers according to the printer model problem will be solved by cleaning the roller or roller replacement.

In this particular model, the paper input path, work is continuing to cause adhesion pads. The pad out and transformed the original shape.

This pad is causing congestion at the entrance of the printer's paper.
As can be seen, in the shape of the pad is deformed. The main task pad for Preventing paper at the same time pulling together. If the new pad is not available. Separate pad from printers, problem solve paper jams.


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