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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to repair projector that have color problem ?

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism & Lens 

LCD Prism 1

LCD Prism 2

LCD Prism Green

LCD Prism Blue

whole set LCD Prism 

Lens Top

Lens Bottom 

Lens side 

Green Polarizer 

Red Polarizer 

Blue Polarizer

Power Board 

Main Board 

Main Board 

Projector inside 

Lens & LCD Prism 

How to repair a projector that have the color problem (one of the three primary colors: red, green, blue will not display)?
First, the projector's frame by a screw at the bottom of the frame and the frame is closed, we open up the projector separated. Now you can see the three cables attached to the LCD PRISM  Connected to Mainboard. Cable middle of the green, blue is cable on the right and left cables are red. 
Compared to what you see in the image projector image of one of the three primary colors are saturated. To test the projector Power button off. Disconnect the power cable from it. One of the Cables to fit color LCD PRISM viewed cautiously remove the Mainboard. Re-connect the power cord to the projector and turn it on. You'll see that the picture has not changed. Now off to redo the process And remove the power cord from the projector. Disconnect all cables connected to the Mainboard from the main board and remove the screws. Carefully remove Mainboard from the projector. Then twist LCD PRISM open. If you like the pics below the projector lens attached and then remove it completely figure out. PRISM LCD part number printed on the cable. LCD PRISM from the same collection and buy it off and replace. And pack the projector and use it.

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