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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to repair hp color laserjet CP2025 when print has mismatch color problem

Fake Cartridges
Hp Color Laserjet CP2025
Hp Color Laserjet CP2025
Diagnostic Page 2 after Service 

Demo Page After Service
Diagnostic Page 2 Before Service 

Demo Page Before Service 
Original Hp Cartridges

Diagnostic Page 1 Before Service 
Diagnostic Page 1 after Service 

If inside the printer have one or more fake toner cartridge we have to exchange it with new original hp toner cartridges.  After that, we need to reset printer to restore the default on menu->service->Restore Defaults. After that we doing calibrate cartridge menu->System Setup -> Print Quality-> Calibrate  Color  -> Calibrate Now .  And cleaning by Menu ->Service -> Cleaning Mode. Then Printer will be Okay.


  1. I followed the steps but the "Cleaning..." step goes on forever with no change. I cannot get this printer to work correctly! All new toners installed. HELP!

    1. how many times did you repeated the steps ? it's needs repeat till you get result


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