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Friday, October 17, 2014

How to repair no power on Epson LQ 300+?

Power Board 
Chassis LQ-300+ 

The printer can't turn on. We should be open up cover printer by Four screw. Then open the mechanic chassis and open the iron cover board now. We have access to boards then open the Powerboard ( right hand). We test by the ohmmeter the fuse if fuse is open we have to check bridge diode. Then we will check the MOSFET 2SK2718. If MOSFET is short, we have to the exchange by a new one.  We have to check component one by one. We can find diode D2 (4E) is short need to replacement. And also transistor Q2 (C4408). After the change that components. we have to exchange the fuse and check again board for short circuit. If don't have any short circuit.  Repair Printer Epson LQ-300+ by problem no power finished.
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