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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dell Laptop doesn't work speakers

Dell laptop top view

Audio socket position

Dell Laptop bottom view

Dell Audio socket input

Dell Laptop doesn't work speakers

In this talk, we consider the problem of noise in the speaker output. I saw many Repairmen, when faced with the problem of laptop repair deterred and returned to the customer. I decided to upgrade information for laptop users, the issue cleave.

Lack of voice in the speaker output are as follows:

1. The operating system does not recognize the sound card.

2. The operating system recognizes the sound card but does not sound speakers, not the headset.

3. The operating system has recognized the sound card, headset play sound, but laptop speakers, does not sound.

In two first cases, we have to have suitable sound card driver for the install and make sure the speakers cables properly attached.

About the number one most likely need to be replaced or re-heating the IC graphics or sound.
About the second is with ensuring said at the driver installation is the fault.

The main discussion topic is About the number three that, you should first test the speaker cable and speaker that if we have to ensure their health. According to the above figures, we must change the audio socket.

The socket has a spring to mute the speaker's voice when we enter the headset jack. Spring pressure to close and cut off the speaker. When we remove the headset jack, spring returns to normal operation. The speaker is connected.

When, for whatever reason does not perform his duty spring, the always socket in your headset will continue to work.
So by switching socket sound speakers can be used again.
This fault is common at all means of electronic sound playback.


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