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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hp Laserjet P3015 Printer 50.9 Fuser Error

Hp Laserjet P3015 Rear
Hp Laserjet P3015 Rear
Hp Laserjet P3015 Rear
Hp Laserjet P3015 Fuser
Hp Laserjet P3015 Fuser
Hp Laserjet P3015 Fuser
Hp Laserjet P3015
Hp Laserjet P3015

50.9 Fuser Error Because to High Temperature 

The 50.9 Fuser error is a high-temperature error in the Fuser. The first step to take is to turn off the machine for 15 minutes to cool down fuser. if the error appears again check Fuser settings on the menu and make sure that is set to normal, Other things that cause  this error weak ventilation or an extremely warm environment. Place the printer where the air flows around it. After a long and continuous prints can printer showing error  50.9. let a while cool down.

Service manual Printer HP Laserjet P3015 about the error say:

  • Power cycle the product to determine if the error is persistent.
  • Verify that the correct model is installed.
  • Verify that the correct voltage connects to Fuser.
  • Check connectors J8002, J1505, J18 are properly connected to ECU.
  • Check connectors J1608, J18 are properly connected to ECU.

Fuser Replacement (RM 1-6274-000CN)

  • Open the rear door.
  • Pull down lower the door and door.
  • Push up on the link arm to release it.
  • Remove two screws.
  • Open the Lower-rear door.
  • Release one tab.
  • Pull down on the rear-door to remove it. 
  • slide the right cover toward the inside to release it. 
  • Disconnect three connectors and one wire.
  • Remove four screws.
  • Pull out the Fuser.

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